Why Choose Us to Capture your Wedding?

Expertise in Weddings

Having shot hundreds of weddings over the last decade, including many overseas......you can take comfort in that we know what we’re doing!

Being a great wedding photographer, means more than just being great at photography. Your good friend, cousin, uncle may have a great camera and can take great photos.......but a wedding is a full on, unpredictable event that requires not only technical skill but fast paced people management, problem solving and critical thinking. Please choose an experienced professional photographer to entrust your special day memories to.

We are both full-time professional photographers and are well respected in the industry. Andrew has regularly spoken at professional photography conferences and we have also conducted workshops & personal mentoring sessions for other photographers. We also take our own learning seriously, and constantly participate in seminars & workshops around the world to continue to develop personally.

The equipment (bodies, lenses, lighting) we use is top of the line professional gear. We are team NIKON, but no offence to any Canon users! We shoot every wedding with appropriate backup gear and have strict & robust storage processes to keep your precious files as secure as humanly possible. Any associate photographers we use are also professional photographers and meet our strict expectations (both skill & personality wise).

Personal Service

Being a small boutique studio, we rely heavily on our reputation & word of mouth. As such, we understand the importance of great customer service and we pride ourselves on the level we offer our clients. We LOVE that our Bride & Grooms recommend us!

Our service is personal & genuine. We treat every couple like a friend (as most end up becoming that naturally!). We only shoot a limited number of weddings a year, and we take the time to invest personally in each and every couple. You will definitely not just be another number with us!

During your wedding day, we strive to stay as unobtrusive as possible. Your wedding day is about you & your family...and the last thing you should worry about is your photographers being loud, distracting or trying to make the day all about them (believe us....it happens!)

You can check out some previous bride & groom's testimonials here.

Quality of Products

We also only offer the best products available. We unapologetically inform all our couples that our books are not the cheapest available. That is because we refuse to use sub-standard suppliers and/or deliver any products to our clients that we can not guarantee the longevity of. 

Cheaper books have been known to crack & fade after a few years. Your wedding book is a heirloom that needs to last the generations to come. Our books are sourced from the top international manufacturers currently available. We take regular trade research trips to ensure our quality of products are the best.

Our Fine Art wedding book, is sourced from Iowa, U.S.A, and is a sleek and contemporary wedding book. This image wrap around hard cover book, lays flat on fine art pages and is a great quality product for it’s price range. 

Choose wedding photographers you can trust. There are no do-overs!

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