Wedding Videography

It is our mission to deliver story telling, documentary style wedding edits to compliment our wedding photography. Our wedding videos will capture the true emotions of your wedding day, with all special moments captured, however without any cheesy, over the top cinematic effects.
Simply your story, your day, your love in video form to cherish forever.

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We absolutely loved the video we both cried thankyou so much everyone has loved the video everyone had tears. Such wonderful comments and everyone just thought the video was beautiful its just us. Stuart and I love it so much it was worth every penny.

Thankyou so much again
— Makara & Stu

Thank you thank you. It is beautiful. My parents and friends have been brought to tears all over again ;)
— Renata & Steve

Oh my goooodness! We love it!!!!
Thank you so so so much Sarah and Andrew! We both had smiles ear to ear watching that video.😊 You have perfectly captured just how much fun our wedding day was! 😊
We can’t thank you guys enough! :)
— Katharina & Jack

Committing to a package with Andrew and Sarah was our best decision. My mum, who questioned why we’d even consider getting a video, summed it up best when, after seeing the end product, said “you won’t look at your photos again (I do, by the way), because the video just captures everything so well”. Andrew was entirely unobtrusive and captured the energy, light, atmosphere and vibe of our day perfectly. It was so well edited and produced in terms of music choice and clips of the day, we just couldn’t be more pleased. Oh, and as a bonus, Andrew and Sarah are super friendly, which is pretty important. Thank you so much Andrew and Sarah for capturing our day so well and producing a magic momento of it all. Love your work!
— Matt & Lexie

Hey Andrew and Sarah!

Thanks so much! We just watched the video and absolutely love it. Thanks again for capturing our day.
— Jess & Drew