Should I get wedding videography too?

Everyone agrees that professional wedding photography is essential for your wedding day. However, the number 1 question our photography couples then ask us is "should we get wedding video as well?"  

Wedding photography can capture so much........but it is really only video that can capture realistic memories of your day that can be relived by simply pressing play. Video can capture memories like your voice quavering during your vows, hear the laughter from your guests during canapes, record your speeches to listen to again and again (and again!), capture what the live band sounded like, and show the fun & energy of the dancing.

Your wedding day moves so fast and can honestly feel like a blur. So our answer in response to whether a couple should invest in wedding videography as well as photography is:

"If you can work it in, get videography too. It's well worth it and you definitely won't regret it!"

Until recently we always referred our couples to external videography studios who they then decided independently if they wanted to engage their services. Although we only recommended quality videographers, the separate company meant another vendor they were dealing with, whole new packages and costing to account for, and concerns regarding how the photo & video teams would work together. So last year, after repeated requests and much training to ensure we were fully capable, we expanded our studio to also offer videography.

With our wedding videography, we strive to deliver authentic storytelling, documentary style coverage of your wedding day. Our wedding videos will capture the true emotions of your wedding day, with all special moments captured, however without any cheesy, over the top cinematic effects.

Simply your story, your day, your love in video form to cherish forever.

The benefits of choosing a studio like us, who offers wedding photography and videography together, means that you not only deal with one studio, you can also be confident that the 2 services will work well together on your day and the resultant photos & video will compliment each other. Bundling the services with one studio, also allows you to get better value for money!!!

We also offer videography services on it's own at an affordable rate, and highly recommend anyone who has already booked another photographer and is still considering getting video too, to drop us a line and chat about what we can offer you.

Here is a sample of our highlight wedding video edit. All our videography packages receive an edited highlight clip as well as ALL RAW FOOTAGE from your wedding day ...if you want it:)

Kirra Hill Community Center Wedding - Gold Coast Wedding Videography - By The Follans


Contact us now to chat more about wedding videography and to check our availability for your wedding day.