Fiji Jetty Jumping {Wananavu Resort, Fiji}

So tomorrow Sarah and I travel to Bali... alone, without the kids. We are spending a week with a bunch of other creatives at the What If - Down Under conference. It's not just another photography conference (thank god!), it's designed more for a group of creatives to hang out, inspire each other and just get it all together again. Sounds Perfect. Usually Sarah and I would be looking forward to a week away from the kids but this time it's different. We are still looking forward to the week... we're totally frickin excited about it actually! But a big part of us wish the kids were coming as well.

I blame Fiji.

A few weeks ago we were the fijian wedding photographers for my cousins wedding at the Wananavu Resort in Fiji (the wedding post still to come) and as it was a family wedding the kids came as well. It was, by far, the best family holiday we have ever had!

In my opinion, our kids are at that perfect age to travel. Jett is 6, Sienna 9 and Kobi is 11. I want them to see the world.

But what made Fiji the best holiday ever was our time at Wananavu resort. 3 hours in a different direction from all the other resorts. No televisions (well except for when Fiji was playing in the rugby sevens but that's cool), no radios, no clocks... Just Fiji time.

Our kids loved it. In particular they loved the little marina area. Beautiful, clean, Fijian water.

There was a Jetty, they jumped...

I have these images as a collage on my desktop so I can always remember the look on their faces (especially Jett's).

Pure Joy. Pure excitement. Pure fun.

This is what being a kid is all about and the Fijians know how to do it better than anyone.

We will enjoy Bali. We will miss the kids. We will be planning our next family holiday.