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Our Story....


Australian Boy goes to Canada to work and snowboard.
Australian Girl goes (separately) to Canada to work and ski (I know, I know.... a skier!!!)
Australian Boy meets Australian Girl for first time.
Boy + Girl move in with each other after 24 hours (yes, 24hours, you read that right!).
Boy + Girl start road trip from Vancouver to New York and back again.
Along the way Girl breaks up with Boy :'(
Girl and Boy sleep head to toe that night (Boy + Girl were in a van!)
Girl makes up with Boy the next morning ;)
Road trip continues.
Boy + Girl come home to Australia
Boy asks Girl to marry him…… wait for it…… Girl says YES!
Boy + Girl marry.
Boy + Girl have baby boy 1
Boy + Girl have baby girl
Boy + Girl open 'The Follans'... we are now professional photographers!!!
Boy + Girl have baby boy 2
Boy + Girl are constantly tired (in a good way!)
*Side Note: 2007 to 2015 was a blur watching the babies grow whilst shooting 100's & 100's of weddings!
Boy + Girl + Baby 1,2 & 3 move to the Gold Coast (technically not babies anymore but hey...)
EXTREMELY busy shooting weddings on the Gold Coast and in Sydney!!! (not having any more kids!)
We just shot THE MOST AMOUNT OF WEDDINGS IN ONE YEAR WE HAVE EVER SHOT!!! (STILL not having any more kids!)
Still married, still documenting weddings, still loving life (yep....  STILL not having any more kids!)
We added a new baby….. well a new fur baby anyway! Bindi (German Shepherd X Mastif) joins the Follan Clan

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